Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Real Estate: Abstract of Title (title abstract)

A brief record of each of the deeds in the chain of title to a parcel of land.  An abstract of title is a written summary of the deeds and other documents, such as grants, patents, or wills, that describe the chain of title from which the title to an estate rests or is claimed.

The abstract should disclose all recorded liens, covenants, easements and encumbrances on the property as well as any defets of title or wild deeds, if the abstractor learns of them.

Caveat Lector - "Let the Reader Beware"

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PS - Words are the only tools lawyers have. Just as a skilled carpenter wouldn't drive a nail with a screwdriver, skilled legal writers don't use fortuitous when they mean fortunate, or infer when they mean imply.

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